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  • Can the copper foil be thicken?
    Sure,the thickest copper board we can make is 7Oz at present, pls contact with our seller if need thicken the copper foil.
  • In what condition we need to use lead-free HASL?
    Environmental protection orders always use lead-free HASL, the soldering temperature of lead free board is a little higher; For normal debugging board, we suggest to use HAL will be ok.
  • How dose the panel board been delivery? Can we use V-cut to delivery?
    You can choose to delivery as single pieces/According to original files/panel by tendtronic PCB. Just remark it in the order requests if need V cut or others technology such as slotted, stamp hole, etc. Please remark it in the order requests for details.thank you!
  • What is immersion gold? When we use it ?
    The purpose of immersion gold is to deposit nickel and gold on the surface of the PCB with stability color,good brightness,smooth coating and good solderability. It can be divided into fourstages: pretreatment (degreasing, micro-erosion, activation, after immersion), after nickel and Immersion gold treatment (waste gold washing, DI washing, drying). Immersion gold is widely used in keyboard/socket boards etc., immersion gold board is not easy to rust, with small contact resistance.....
  • Can you make mobile phone charger pcb?
    Yes,please you can get instant quotation on line,any question,please contact our seller
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