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Process Description


1-32 Layers

Layer is the number of layers of the design file, and to the final announcement of the site prevails.

Materials Type


Materials Type:  94HB, 94V0, FR-4(Halogen free), Aluminum, CEM-1Isola, Rogers, Flex, Rigid-FlexHeavy Copper, Hybrid RF, Ceramics, High TG  

Max. PCB size


Only allowed to receive 500x500mm, and the larger size will add extra charge,pls contact our seller for details.

Contour tolerance


Outline tolerance.

PCB Thickness


Produce: 0.4/0.6/0.8/1.0/1.2/1.6/2.0/2.4/3.0/4.0mm.

Thickness Tolerance ( T1.0mm)

± 10%

For example, the thickness T = 1.6mm, the physical thickness is 1.44mm (T-1.6 × 10%) ~ 1.76mm (T + 1.6 × 10%).

Min. Line Width/space


Line width/space be possible greater than 3mil, and the minimum is not less than 3mil; for multiple layer board: both the inner and outer layer can not be less than 4mil (0.1mm).

Outer Layer Finished Copper Thickness


Refers to the thickness of the copper foil in the outer finished circuit board ,1 OZ35um 3 OZ=105um.

Inner Layer Finished Copper Thickness

17um(0.5 OZ)

Refer to the Finished Thickness of Multi Inner Layer Copper.

Min.Drilling hole

0.15mm(machinedrill) 0.075mm(laser drill)

0.15mm is the min. hole , if conditions allowed we suggest to design it up to 0.3mm, aperture tolerance is ± 0.075mm.

Drilling Acuracy(machine drill)


The tolerance of drilling hole is 0.08mm, for example, the hole is designed to be 0.6mm, and the finished hole of the real board is qualified in the 0.52--0.68mm.

Half Hole :Min Half Hole Diameter


Half hole process is a special process, and the min hole dia. should be bigger than 0.5mm.

Through-hole unilateral welding ring


minimum Via  4mil, minimum component hole  6mil, increase the over-hole welding ring is helpful for the over-current.

Through-hole plug hole


Bigger than 0.5mm wll treat as through-hole cover oil.

Solder Type

Photosensitive ink

Photosensitive ink is the most common type now. The current colors are:  green, matt green, blue, red, yellow, black, matt black, white.

BGA pad


BGA pad designed less than 0.3MM will cause poor welding and the finished product performance is not good.

Solder mask Opening


Solder mask is often said green color, it can be done in the process of soldmask Bridge.

Min. solder mask bridge


Resistance welding bridge design requires line pad spacing is bigger than 0.18mm, the thicker copper the greater spacing. If there is no remarks, do not do solder bridge.

Min. Legend Width


If the minimum width of the Legend is less than 0.6mm, the actual board may not clear which caused by the design reasons.

Min. Legend Height


If the minimum height of the Legend is less than 0.8mm, the actual board may not clear which caused by the design reasons.

Legend Aspect Ratio


The most appropriate aspect ratio, more conducive to production.

Space between Line and Outline


If come out by Routing, the distance between the line and the line layer should not less than 0.25mm; if come out by the V cut ,the distance from the center line to the V cutting line should not be less than 0.4mm.

Make-up: Gapless imposition


Clearance of the intermediate plate and the plate is 0.

Panelization: Gap Requires


This clearance gap should be not less than 1.6mm, otherwise routing is very hard.

Software support

PADS/99SE/DXP/CAD versions/Sprint-Layout /genesis/CAM350/ /Gerber

Support variety of the industry design software and conversion Gerber file (please remark which version your engineer used for incompatibility problem and get the notice in the FQA).


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