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  • Can you do the board which the track lower than the factory standard?
    Yes, we can. But in order to ensure product qualify rate, we propose higher requirements, if your circuit board is precise without online instant quote, please contact our customer service directly.
  • What is panelization/Array?
    Panelization refers to different boards put in one PCB file,then each additional style will charge USD10. If it is the same PCB jointed in one panel,that will be free.Special offer boards are not worth to panelization. For general PCB, that will cost-effective if the order quantity and process requirements are the same.
  • What is V-cut?
    V-cutting means when the board need panelization together,the edge line is not entirely cut off , only cut a part of the obverse and the reverse sides, you can breaking it into single pieces with your hands; We call it V-cut as the cutting groove shape just look like V font. Generally on the SMT need V cut processing.
  • When should choose soldermask covering ?
    First,for beautiful. The second is to prevent short circuit when soldering. If you don’t covered the holes, spray tin may fill the holes. But the advantage is is smaller resistance of the hole,not easy to break.
  • What is the common copper thickness?
    The common copper thickness for the 2-layer board is 35um(1OZ). the inner layer(above 4layers board) of copper thickness defaults to 17.5um(0.5OZ). Need to thicken the copper foil, the price will increase accordingly
  • Can you do Subwoofers board?
    Yes,please you can get the quotation on line or contact our seller via
  • Can you make mobile phone charger pcb?
    Yes,please you can get instant quotation on line,any question,please contact our seller
  • What is immersion gold? When we use it ?
    The purpose of immersion gold is to deposit nickel and gold on the surface of the PCB with stability color,good brightness,smooth coating and good solderability. It can be divided into fourstages: pretreatment (degreasing, micro-erosion, activation, after immersion), after nickel and Immersion gold treatment (waste gold washing, DI washing, drying). Immersion gold is widely used in keyboard/socket boards etc., immersion gold board is not easy to rust, with small contact resistance.....
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